The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

And the night goes on.. .

Date: 10/22/97
From: Zelena

Standing over by the bar with Sinn and Iolaus and Herc and Jenni nearby.Zelena glanced over and her eyes met Aphrodite's.Aphrodite averted her eyes and turned around..In a moment all eyes turned towards KimD and Heph's kiss.She saw Aphrodite glare and start to head over to their direction when Cupid intervened and began talking to her.After that Ares joined in than finally Heph too.everyone was having such a great time until dite showed up.And the argument between the Gods began to get a little heated.But she watched as Jenni went over to them and straightened them out.they all looked at her like she was crazy,but thankfully it shut them up,for a while at least.Zelena stood up and began to walk outside when Sinn called."Where are you going?"

"Outside.."Zelena mouthed the words and picked up her glass and pushed through the crowd and went outside.She stood on the temple's front steps and with a sigh she sat down and set the glass next to her.The noises fromt he party indoors wafted to her ears.She looked up at the moonlight,it cast small beams of light down to her and she let her mind wander.she unconsciously reached up to finger the talisman around her neck.

"Thinking about your brother?Your *other* brother?"

Without turning around to look at who said it she knew of course it was Cupid.there was no fooling her big brother.Well,not usually..After a moment she admitted.."Yeah..I suppose I was.I hadn't in a while.Not since I first came to this temple.I mean when Xian died it was like a part of me died with him.But I hadn't thought,really thought about him in a while.I guess seeing.. "she stopped and looked back up at the moon.

"seeing mom..right? You know I saw mom glancing over at you but than that was right before the kiss and she got ticked off at KimD and Heph so she kind of got absorbed in that.You know I was afraid that mom was going to throw a fit."Cupid said.

"She didn't talk to me because.. .there's nothing to say.I rarely see her and when I do it's as if we're virtual strangers.But in a way I'm glad of that.You don't need to make excuses for her though Cupid."At that Zelena changed the subject."What are you doing out here?"

"I could ask you the same thing if I didn't already know.Why don't you come back inside and just..ignore mom."Cupid said looking down at her.

Zelena noded and turned around looking at him,forcing a smile."No you go on ahead.I'll be in in a short while.I *order* you to go back inside and enjoy yourself."

Cupid chuckled.."Yeah right..Okay since you *ordered* me to do it.I'll do just that if you promise to come back in soon too."Cupid grinned.

"I *promise*."Zelena said without turning around again.

Cupid looked down at her for another moment before going back inside.

Zelena looked out over the rolling hills in the distance and the stars in the sky above.She heard a noise behind her."I said I'd be back in soon Cupid!"Zelena said turning around expecting to see her brother again.

"I'm definitely not your brother."Ares said with a chuckle.

She looked up at him.He was leaning casually against a pillar with his arms across his chest looking down at her.

"What are you doing out here?"Ares asked looking at her.

Zelena turned around and picked up her glass sipping a little before setting it back down."..umm..I needed some fresh air.this special wine was kind of getting to me."

" highly doubt that."Ares said.But he knew the real reason."You hold your liquor well Zelena."

Zelena didn't say anything just looked out over the hills.

Zelena's black silk cloak appeared in his hands and he walked over to her and draped it around her shoulders.Zelena turned around and looked into his eyes. "I have a mind to enjoy the rest of the evening and I want you to also.Come inside."Ares said.

Zelene picked up her glass and with a sigh stood up.She might as well go back inside or else someone else would be coming outside and telling her to go back in probably.She turned to go back inside. "Not so fast.."Ares said and grabbed her arm.Zelena looked down at his arm holding her forearm and she looked up into his dark eyes.He pulled her to him and kissed her hard.But the kiss gradually became a little softer,after the long kiss Zelena stood back just a little ways and looked at him.

Ares was a little surprised when he looked at her eyes.Her eyes weren't dark sapphire but they were nearly black.He knew that her eyes seemed to change according to her moods,He wondered what kind of mood she was in.He pushed a strand of hair back that had fallen near her eyes.She looked at him with those strange,glorious eyes of hers.Though her face was an unreadable mask.But boy could she hide her emotions.Ares usually knew her feelings even though others didn't.But right now he didn't.She touched his chest briefly than pushing her black gown aside he watched as she walked back inside.He shook his head.What a woman he thought and walked back inside too..

Zelena glanced around and saw Hercules and Jenni sharing a look at each other.She thought that she saw love in Herc's eyes or in Jenni's eyes.She had never quite seen her uncle this way before.And Sinn and Iolaus were looking at each other in sort of the same way.She smiled and walked through the crowd a little.She saw Kiari and Autolycus still dancing.she looked back over at Jenni and Hercules and they were kissing.Just than she heard Ped call out."Brrrrrrrrrr-Yi-Yi-Yi!"And Ped started laughing than tried to get her breath.She saw Draco look down at Ped and say"Everyone I want you to meet..Giggles."Just than Ped kicked him in the shins.Zelena couldn't help but laugh along with everyone else.Laughing she walked over to join the group again..

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