The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

The party livens up yet once again...

Date: 11/5/97
From: Zelena

Iphicles and Zelena walked *back* into the Temple.Aphrodite had removed all the obsession spells from everyone.And she was thankful that it was off of Ares.She could handle Ares usually,but If it was one thing that she couldn't handle about Ares,it was when he had become obsessed with her tonight.Of course he was possesive with his priestesses usually and he was normally possesive with her also but he'd been 'obsessed' tonight.She smiled.That was over with now.She was pretty sure that things were going to be settled down 100% the rest of the night.Iphicles and her went into the temple.She looked around.Yeah sure looked nearly a 100% calmer.She walked over to a table and sat.Iphicles sat down right across from her.

Zelena laid her head down on the table for a moment.She was dizzy.Probably from all that wine earlier.But some more of that wine sure sounded good.

"Some more wine right?"Iphicles said looking over at her.

"Well however did you know?Now you don't have blood of the God's in you and don't read minds.But sometimes I wonder about you.."Zelena grinned teasing.

"Sometimes I wish I *were* a mindreader like you than I could find out what was going on in that head of yours."Iphicles said teasing too.

"Ah but one rarely reads *my* mind.Even Ares usually has trouble."

Iphicles and got up to get some wine and a couple of glasses.

When he came back he poured wine into two of the glasses and handed her one.She immediately took a sip."Ah..good."she said savoring the flavor.

Iphicles took a drink from his glass.

Zelena sipped some more.She looked over at him from over the rim of her chalice.Iphicles glanced over and looked at her.

Gods but she was enticing.Iphicles thought.Perhaps it was because she had some of the Goddess of Love's blood or maybe it was just the past that got him to thinking.He needed to keep his wits about him tonight because Zelena was a temptress.Being a seductress was just her nature.Though however unintentional it may be.He sat his glass aside,deciding not to drink too much more tonight.

Zelena looked at him and was going to say something when she noticed someone entering.She glanced over to the doorway and saw one of the newest priestesses, Amethysta, come through the door.She noticed the priestess looked around at everyone.And at the Gods and demi-gods.She noticed Amethysta spy Ares and saw her walk over to him.She could feel the new priestess's apprehension.Most were intimidated by Ares especially when they hardly knew him.

Iphicles noticed Zelena watching the new priestess and Ares.

Zelena felt as if something was going to happen *again* tonight.She saw Amethysta hand Ares appeared ot be a feather?Than she saw Ares features change and he said "Hera!"

Zelena heard a few gasps and mutters.The Queen of the Gods wasn't so well loved by some of the people in here,including herself.She saw Ares eyes go to Amethysta's neck where she had a necklace with some feather.Uh-oh.she thought.Ares grabbed the necklace,pulling it off.She saw Kiari come in through one of the doorways and start saying something.She couldn't make out all she said but she definitely heard 2 words.Ped and missing. Zelena watched as Ares features turned dark as he glanced back at Amethysta.Suddenly he took ahold of her and disappeared.Everyone just looked around.Oh Gods she thought.Zelena wondered what Ares was going to do to her.Certainly his business with Amethysta and Hera was none of her concern..well not really but she wondered where Ares had taken her and if she should disappear too and go find Ares and try to cool his temper.Hard telling what he'd do.Zelena knew his dark moods but than she'd always been able to handle him.She sighed and got up and walked over to the others.Iphicles didn't know what was going on either but he walked over with the others too.Zelena walked over and started talking to Kiari and the others trying to figure out what exactly going on or at least what they knew...

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