The Halloween Party at Cupid's Temple

and on...

Date: 10/19/97
From: Zelena

After the limbo ended she watched as Cupid planted a big one on Ped.And she heard what her comment to him was.She covered her mouth and couldn't help but laugh at that.Cupid came back over to her.

"Something amusing?"he asked looking at her with a little frown.

"Yep."Zelena answered. " is The God of Love going to live this one down?"she said laughing.

"Very funny."he said grimly a frown creasing his brow.

"Hey didn't your mother ever tell you that frowning gives you lines?"Zelena said.

"Actually she did."Cupid answered."And just *who* can be a better kisser than the God of Love?I want to know that one."

" Cupid but you *are* so confident."Zelena said with a little laugh and she walked over to get some drinks.

As she walking across the dance floor she passed Hercules and Sinn going over to dance."Hey you guys."She said smiling at them.

"Hey Zelena."sinn said with a smile.

She looked over at Hercules."You dance...*too*?"she asked a little surprised.

"Well whenever the need arrives."Herc said with a grin.

"Ooookay."Zelena said."I don't know why I was surprised.Two others that I didn't think danced,danced tonight."She said glancing over at Cupid and Ares.

"Well have fun guys."Zelena called over her shoulder to them as she went over to get some drinks.

She glanced around the huge main hall and wondered if anyone else was going to show.She walked over to a table where some drinks and bottles were and looked at what was there.She decided on some wine.She guessed that's what it was though she didn't know what kind of wine it was exactly she poured some in a crystal goblet and drank some.Oh but boy it tasted good.She glanced around looking at the guests that were there.Before she knew it she had poured another glass full and was drinking some of it.She wandered what kind it was when she felt somebody behind her.She turned around and looked into Ares dark eyes.

He looked at her a moment with a cocky grin."Enjoying the wine?'he asked.

"Yes..I sure am."She said with a grin." It is so good.I wonder what kind it is."

"Well it happens to be one of Dionysus's special wines."Ares said.

She nodded looking at her glass.Ares studied her for a moment taking in her whole appearance again from her long trailing black silk gown to her tiny waist to where the lacing at the bodice was laced down exposing a couple inches of flawless skin.Her long medium brown hair was not restricted in any way,instead it just flowed freely.Her eyes were a darker blue than usual tonight.She couldn't be called delicate looking,because he well knew what mastery she possesed with battling but tonight she just looked different.She was wearing any of her leathers and she just looked..more feminine if that was possible.

After a moment of silence Ares said."Dance with me."

Zelena looked up."Again?I already danced several times and there was the limbo.."

Zelena stopped what she was saying and just looked into his dark eyes."Of course.."She said and he took her hand and walked with him to the dance floor.

Another dance started,the music slow.Zelena danced with him and she felt a little bit different side of him.Of course he was the same smug,cocky,self-assured dark War God that she was well use to.But there was something else about him.She shook away the thoughts and got lost in the dance..

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