Psyche's Representative

Part IV - The Parakeet Roars at noon

Ped shot a look at the Olympian standing in her room. "You're serious... aren't you?"

"When have you ever known me not to be Ped?"

Ped smirked. "How honestly do you want me to answer that question?"

"Never mind. I can tell from the look on your face that you and I are thinking about the exact same incident... although how you know..."

"Are you forgetting that I have a spirit guide Athena? One who you know *very* well?"

"No... but sometimes I forget just how much Elia was told about *our* relationship."

Ped snickers again as she and Athena enter the first realm as one. "Jeez when you put it like that... you make us sound like ex-lovers or something!"

"You didn't always think you were reborn as a female, did you Ped?" Athena merely smiled at Ped. Ped got the most shocked look on her face.

Before Ped can say anything more than some incomprehensible syllables... Pyshce walks over to them. Taking in the smug look on Athena's face, and the shocked one on Ped's she knew Athena had said something about their past relationship. "Athena! Leave Ped alone! I won't have you messing with the mental health of my Representative to Cupid's Temple." She smiles warmly at Ped. "Been awhile Ped... Don't think I've seen you since the party celebrating Ares' Temple's First anniversary."

"Yeah the one where I left before all the *really* interesting things happened."

"True... but you were the most level headed the next day about the whole situation."

"Yeah I was. Okay Psyche I have arrived here... Now that I know the Pelican Barks at Midnight, and that Lion Quacks LOUDLY at dawn... all that's left is for The Parakeet to roar at noon."

"Well what a coincidence Priestess of Ares... for that is what I was going to say." A fourth person says behind Ped.

She turns quickly and looks at the Avalonian standing not ten feet from her. "So you're in on this little strategy game as well?"

Titania, Queen of Avalon, merely smiles. "Of course. My husband and I may both have a mistrust for Olympians... but this isn't about them, it's about the realm-walkers."

Ped's eyebrow shoots up at her statement. "Oh REally? Do tell Titania. I can't wait to hear what would cause the Queen of Avalon to allow herself to be in the company of not only an Olympian, but an Ambrosia Goddess, and a Syreenian Princess."

"Well since *you* are the Syreena in question Ped... do you really need me to explain it? I mean you have Elia as your spirit guide."

"By the 20 Realms! Is that common knowledge or something?!? The whole purppose of me having a spirit guide is to protect me, not have every non-terran in the world know I have one!"

"It's not common knowledge Ped. Elia and I are old friends, and I could feel her essence with you." She looks closely at the pendant in question. "Has she explained to you why she chose this particular pendant?"

"I never bothered to ask her My Lady. In fact as my mortal self I am not even aware of how I got the necklace, nor of our relationship."

Athena smiled at Ped. "It's good to hear from you again old friend. It's tough to see you when you're not in possesion of your full memories... I have to watch everything I say." Athena and Ped share a hug.

"You're not going to just let me continue on believing we're ex-lovers are you? I mean c'mon that's not something a syreena could handle... not even me."

"I promise to set you straight back in the mortal realm. Now then we have some plans for world domination to discuss!"

For the rest of the evening the four women planned and formulated just what they thought was going to happen in the coming year... and how Ped was going to be played into it. All were sure that the Cetina's arrival in her area was just the first of many such actions. Titania suggested that perhaps one of Ped's old rivals would have something to gain. Athena seconded the idea and it was decided that Elia should think about who it might be... Then it was decided that Ped would be allowed to keep these memories once she returned to the mortal realm, but that Athena would still have to explain the relationship comment to her.

<end of flashback>

~My Lunes... that was a weird night. Having a strategy meeting with two of the more powerful Females in any religion, *and* being told just why Psyche wanted me as her Rep. Sheesh!~ Ped got dressed and moved to her writing desk...


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