Psyche's Representative

Part III - The Lion Quacks at Dawn

Mumbling to herself for the next hour, Ped decides that she's had enough of the Asylum and moves to the Dreamscape. She stays secluded in her laboratory for the remainder of the afternoon, only emerging to have dinner with her fellow priestesses. She does not speak much during dinner, and that in itself causes many of her friends to wonder if she alright. But many knew that since her return at the end of January, Ped had been acting even more strangely than usual.

Etana having had enough of Ped's CR@P sits down next to her. "Okay who died this time?"

Ped looks at Etana. "What?"

"You only seem to act like this when someone you know dies. So who died?"

"No one... I just have something to do later."

"That's a stupid reason Ped."

"I know Etana.... but it's true in this case." Ped gets up and takes her half-eaten food with her.

Etana follows not sure what Ped might do next...

Part IIIa - The Lion Quacks LOUDLY at dawn

Ped meanders down the hallway, wondering just how long Etana planned on following her. ~Looks like the whole way. Hmm. She must be really worried about me.~ Ped turns around and leans against the nearby wall. "I'm going to be alright Etana. Trust me."

"Trust you? Last time you said that to me... we nearly destroyed half of Attica, and angered Lord Ares to no end."

"But that was a special circumstance..."

"Besides which, the person who defended you to Ares is dead now... so you better not be planning on doing anything on *that* magnitude again."

Ped flinches at Etana's mention of Strife's death. It was a sore point in the temple... some believed that he was dead, others did not. Ped hadn't yet decided whether he was or not. She was sure she would have felt *something* if he had really died, she was also sure that his counterpart would have died as well. She notices that Etana is looking at her, and she sighs. "No Etana, I have no plans for making the temple disappear nor to banish a Cetina to the neither regions of the multi-verse tonight." Etana shoots her a look. "I swear on the names of all twenty realms!"

"Well as long as it's all twenty, and not just ten." Etana smirked at Ped... knowing that for her it was all or nothing, one didn't just swear by half the sacred realms. "So what *are* you up tp tonight?"

"I'm going to invade Britania." Ped said with a straight face. "Then I was thinking about stopping by Chin and picking myself up some silk."

Etana snorted at her response. "I don't know what I was thinking, expecting a straight answer from the Temple SMART @$$..."

"Were you even thinking?" Ped grinned at her.

Etana grinned back. "Well whatever was bothering you at dinner, must not be too bad. You're able to 'spar' with me."

Ped flipped her hair over her shoulder. "You're probably right... I'm just over thinking what I have to do, and making it seem more stressful than it actually is."

Etana and Ped hugged, and Ped walked to her room. Once there she closed the door, and leaned back against it. ~That was fun!~

-Of course it was Ped... you were avoiding suspision from others.-

Ped turned and looked at the Goddess who just mind spoke to her. She raised her left eyebrow in question. -Do I have a sign on me somewhere that says, 'Olympus Central Processing.... All Gods contact this Syreena'?-

Athena looked her over carefully. "Not that I can spot Ped... would you like one?"

"Ha-ha! I take it you're here to make sure I make it to see Psyche on time."

"Actually I need you to show me where we're meeting. Psyche forgot to mention that in her message."

"What was the message?"

"The Lion Quacks LOUDLY at Dawn."

"Not, 'The Lion Quacks at Dawn'?"

"If that's what I meant, I would have said that. So *do* you know where we are meeting?"

"Yup. But I thought it was going to be just me and Pysche talking about what my duties as her representative are..."

"Which is why I am going to be there."



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