Psyche's Representative

Part V - The Bear's Boots are Shiny Today

Ped rolled her shoulders and took out a fresh scroll. Dipping her quill in the inkwell she began writing her impresssions of what happened earlier today.

Her pen moving swiftly over the page, she does not notice the arrival of the God in her room. So that when the particular God in question placed his hands on her shoulders, she screeched in surprise. She leapt out of her chair and glared at the blond God standing a foot from her. He just grinned at her.

"So what are you working on so intently Ped?"

"Doesn't concern you, so you're not going to learn from me Hermes. What do you want?"

"I was sent here by Athena."

"And what does she want?"

"I don't understand the message, lemme read it to you." He takes a scroll out of the bag slung from his shoulders and opens it. "'Ped... The bear's boots are shiny today.' That's all the message says. I assume you know what it means?"

Ped merely smiles, and raises her eyebrow at the Olympian standing in front of her. "But of course. Please tell Athena that 'The silver moon will soon become tarnished.' Don't worry she'll understand the message."

"Okay. Later Babes."

Then with a gust of air, Hermes is gone from Ped's room. She sighs and sits back down in her chair, holding her head. "I swear, I must have a sign that says... 'Olympians! Please bother me with your problems...'" She sighs and goes back to writing her message. When it's complete, she drys the ink with her powers, and rolls it up. Stamping it with her seal, she places it in the Bronze/ Copper jar on her desk.

The scroll disappears instantly, having been sent to Psyche. Ped stand up and goes to look at herself in her mirror. ~What does Athena want with me now?~


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