Psyche's Representative

Part II - The Pelican Barks at Midnight

Feeling like she's being dragged to the ground by her sodden clothing the priestess of Ares walks into her room here in the Temple of Cupid. She smiles at the irony of that... she actually feels more at home in this room than at her room in the Temple of Ares at the moment. Being careful not to walk on her rug, she makes her way to her private bathroom... and sheds her clothing.

Ped takes a quick shower and warms her skin back up. She steps out of the shower and wraps herself in a large towel. Tucking it stategically around her she collects her wet clothes from the ground. "These are going to be ruined..."

"Well what do you expect when you going swimming fully clothed?"

Ped yelps and drops her discarded clothing to the floor. Then she recovers and picks it back up. She smiles at her visitor. "You really should quit doing that to me Psyche."

The Goddess smiles at her friend. "But why? It's ever so much fun."

Ped sticks her tongue out at her. "So what brings you to my humble room?"

"Anything of yours could hardly be humble Ped."

Ped does not respond, but merely hangs her sodden clothing around the room so that it drys before she has it washed. Placing her belt in her closet she turns back to face her friend. "Perhaps... but why are you here Psyche? I haven't found anything that warrants either a report to you, or a visit."

"Well that's the reason then... you should know that even if you don't think something's worthwile, I might."

"I will *not* be your spy Psyche! I agreed to tell you things that I think you and Athena ahould know... if the two of you are still serious."

"Of course we are!" Psyche eyes the woman standing barefoot, and for the most part wet, before her. She smiles suddenly. "You did that on purpose."

"Of course, I am the 'Ascended One'." Ped using one of her many titles from home.

"Let's not forget you're also the Official Temple SMART @$$."

"Never. Anyway I think that something is happening... as soon as I can figure more of it out... I'll send you word."

"Very well then, my representative... I look forward to your report."

The pair share a hug and Psyche disappears before Ped's eyes. Ped thinks back to the day that Psyche called her to the first realm...


Sitting calmly in her room in the Asylum, Ped was singing along with the music in her head... cause Diviant was refusing to let her into the Joxer room, something about wearing out the speakers. It didn't bother Ped any, she just continued belting out the song stuck in her head...

"Never know how much I love you,
never know how much I care,
when you put your arms around me,
I get a fever that's so hard to bear...

you give me fever, with your kisses,
fever when you hold me tight.
FEVER! in the morning,
fever all through the night..."

"You know Ped... sometimes I wonder just why you became a Priestess to Ares."

"Because Cupid... it's in my nature to fight." Ped got off the floor and turned to look at the God of Love. "Can I do something for you?"

"Always." The twinkle in his eyes tells Ped he's not totally kidding. "But for right now I am merely a messenger. Psyche told me to tell you, 'The Pelican barks at midnight.' Does that mean anything to you?"

"Sure... but I can't tell you what the phrase means, otherwise I'd have to kill you." Ped grins evilly at him.

"OKay, well see ya around then, oh great Syreena Princess."

Ped yells, "Stop calling me that!" Just as he disappears. She sighs, remembering what Psyche had sent him to say... she wanted to meet in the first realm, near the lands of those from Britania, and it was important...


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