Psyche's Representative - Part I

The blond pushed her wet hair out of her sky blue eyes. Glaring at the laughing Blond God, who is standing not five feet from her, she pulled herself out of the lake. Past caring that her clothing was now plastered to her skin she wrung the excess water out of her hair. "Remind me again Cupid... what possessed me to do this?"

The God of Love chuckled at her statement. "As my wife's official representative in the temple it's your job to find out all the stuff I'm hiding from her... including that lake you just got out of."

~Keep telling yourself that Cupid... that's what your lovely wife wants you to think.~ Smiling benignly at the God, she did not speak her words aloud, or let the God read them in her mind... she was able to do that with most Olympians. "Remind me to kill you later..." Ped brushed past him and headed towards the Temple of Cupid, remembering the day she was first approached for this job, the day right after the temple's Valentines day party...


Ped is busy removing streamers from the ceiling when she hears him behind her. "Leaving so soon Jules?"

"I am part of the triumpherant Ped. One of us should always be in Rome."

Ped turned to look at him. "Well come back real soon JC."

He walked up to her and gave her a soul-shattering kiss. "I may just do that fair Ped. Until my return." He kisses her hand and walks out of the room.

Ped watches him walk out. "Careful Ped. People might start thinking you like that Roman General."

She turns to see Cupid. She shrugs. "He's fun to play with. But he's no Gaw. Anyway Lord Cupid I hope your evening ended well. I lost track of you after Jenni re-entered on the arm of Hercules."

"Funny. Wasn't that about the time you and Ceasar left the party?"

"If you want to get technical on me. But we just spent more time in the Carnival."

"Your eyes can't lie to me Ped... you're leaving something out."

"Naturally. A lady does not reveal her actions Lord Cupid."

"As you once told me, you're no lady Ped."

"Sure, sure Cupid. Anyway I need to get back to my work... I have to earn my keep around here."

"That's what I came to talk to you about Ped. Psyche and I have been talking about it... and we think you should be *her* representative here."

"Me? But I'm not even a priestess of yours."

"All the more reason for you to be my wife's voice in the temple. You two are friends already... why shouldn't you be her represenative."

"Okay. Sure... I'm Psyche's Represenative. Now then... please go. I still have more streamers to take down before the *main* cleaning crew gets here." Ped watches the Love God disappear, and she is left alone to ponder what he has just asked her to be.

<back to the present>

She should have known then that Pysche's request would be more than what it seemed. ~But by-gones are by-gones Penjustice.~ She shook herself out of her thoughts and went the rest of the way to her room here in the Temple of Cupid, not caring that she was leaving a puddle behind her, or that everyone was looking at her bedraggled appearance questionably.

Part II
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