Psyche's Representative

Part VI - The Sun is Rusted Steel

Ped remained staring at her image in the mirror for quite sometime. As she stared at her image, it changed, and became the exact likeness of Elia. When Ped could no longer feel Elia with her, she knew the spell was complete... and Elia's spirit was fully in the mirror.

Elia smiled at Ped. <<So am I just going to stay here during your discussions with Pallas-Athena? Or is this just to see if you could cast the projecting spell?>>

<<The latter... you give me an added bonus during my talks with her, or Titania. Besides you're supposed to protect me, not be a cool parlor trick.>> Ped grins at Elia.

Elia grins back at her. <<Careful, Your Royal Highness... you *might* forget yourself.>>

<<With you around, how could I? Besides, I've been able to resist Lord Ares so far, haven't I?>>

<<True my Dear Elora, but that doesn't mean you should become less dilligent in the protection of yourself.>>

<<You're the spirit Guide Elia. We should get to the meeting with Athena.>> With a thought, Ped draws Elia back into the pendant around her neck. She smiles at her now restored image in the mirror, then she disappears from the Temple of Cupid.

She is standing in a forest clearing, far up the penisula from the Temple of Ares and Cupid. She smiles when she feels the presence of Athena behind her. "So what's so important, that you have to send Hermes with a message?" She turns and looks at the female warrioress behind her.

"I assume you found the reflecting pool today?"

"Of course... it was exactly where the legends said it would appear. Why?"

Athena just smiles at Ped... then she opens her mouth...


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