Karl's Hair

So you forgot what his hair looked like in all those eps he's been in? Well I set up this page with just such an occurence in mind, I have one picture from each.

Altared States (as Mael)
[Karl in AS]

Green-Eyed monster (as Cupid)
[Karl in GEM]

Destiny (as Ceasar)
[Karl in Destiny]

For Him the Bell Tolls (as Cupid)
[Karl in FHTBT]

Comedy of Eros (As Cupid)
[Karl in COE]

The Deliverer (as Ceasar)
[Karl in TD]

I know there are probably better pictures of Karl out there... (Heck I *know* that for sure), but these were the best pictures I have saved of him, in all his roles.

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