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Voting booth Number One

Voting for this booth ended on November 30, 1997.

This was my first booth using a new cool scripty thing I got in my internet class. I had to make some basic changes of my booth design, but no big ones... if you have cgi access on your ISP, and you want my kewl script, lemme know... I'll see if I can get the author of the script (my teacher) to give you permission to use it.

The Guide to Karl's hair that I prepared for this booth is still there, go check it out (again). Warning the page has over 500K of info waiting for you... so if you're impatient I'd just skip this one... although now you're probably intrigued...

The voting ran real hard the two times I announced it to either list (ares2 or Karl-Urban)... or when I announced it in cupid's temple. Other than that I'd go days without getting a single new vote.

Which of Karl's characters' hair do you like best?

Person Votes
Cupid 18
Mael 10
Karl 8
Ceasar, Julius Ceasar 1

In your opinion which of these episodes did Karl have the best hair?

Episode Votes
Green-eyed Monster (Cupid) 17
Altared States (Mael) 8
For Him the Bell Tolls (Cupid) 6
Destiny (Ceasar) 1
Comedy of Eros (Cupid) 1
The Deliverer (Ceasar) 0
Can you believe it?
No vote for Ep 4

There once was some comments... but then they ran away with the spoon...
Actually most of the comments were compliments on either me, my page, or the subject matter (I cannot take credit for Karl folks... no matter how much I may want to >:)... So I want to thank everyone who voted... and remember for next time "Vote early and vote often!"

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