September 20, 1998 - Karl in Sacramento, CA

A report by Ped
Originally written on September 20, 1998. This version September 26, 1998.

For your reading ease, my "report" is divided as follows:

Prologue / Friday, September 18, 1998 / Saturday, September 19, 1998 - Kate's House / Sunday, September 20, 1998 - Pre-Karl Show / The KARL Show - Questions / Karl and the Autograph Line / And the Answer is... / Final Comments


I got to meets lots of my fellow Xenite/Herculeans this weekend... and I'm also the first to write one... so be prepared for some ramblings, and other stuff... this would all probably make more sense when I get my photos developed.

Note: I will be using people's nicks/real names interchangeably during this thing.. so be ready when I prompt you with both >>:) Also I asked and got permission to add in some "Color Commentary" By my fellow Attendees... each person has her own color. Paula is Red, Lisa is Purple, Valerie is Green , and Kate is Blue .

Hey All!

Well I'm back from Sacramento as well :-) Had a grand time meeting lots of new people as well as see a few I'd met before. I don't have time to go into too much detail right now so I'll just comment on a few things Ped wrote.

I had a lot of fun and *I* was very very good this weekend and I behaved, even though *others* tried to get me in trouble! LOL Not that trouble didn't find me even though I was behaving!

Buenas Dias, my fellow Smithsonians! My con report is in the works, but I just had to comment on Ped's report. <BG>

Ok most of the stuff has been covered very well I, however haven't seen the posting about Karl's feelings about Cupid and his son.... <G>

Friday, September 18, 1998

Anyway let's start the weekend off right... with Friday night...

I spent many hours in the #ares chat friday night, talking over last minute plans with Ceallach, Sura, Etana, and Robinest (From the Herk forum). We made plans to be at Robin's house on Saturday, whenever Etana and I could get there...

Saturday, September 19, 1998

I got up late... not until 11AM and immediately called Etana... we goofed around on the phone for awhile, then we finally both claimed to need to actually get ready for being seen by someone other than our families.

An hour later, I was barely out of the shower (YES! I take long showers on the weekends, when I have the time... sue me!)... when she called back. We made plans to meet at Arden Fair Mall... because we were visiting a store there called "Hot Topic" for a present for Karl.

Well even though we'd agreed to 2:40 (or so) it was nearly 3:20 when we finally meet up (you try find parking at a mall, with NO parking structure on a Saturday! Talk about a sea of humanity... but I digress). We went into the store, and immediately looked in their sticker/patch drawers... they no longer had the sticker we wanted, it reads "I don't wear underwear!" (ask someone from Cherry Hill about this). Instead we got him a sticker that reads: "When I grow up, I wanna be just like me."

Then we went to Shirtique (the reason escapes me now)... and saw some WHOOP ASS (sportswear) shirts... being *us* we bought them, to wear the next day. Finally we wandered towards Etana's car, and stopped at Spencer's Gifts (chain store that does well.. schtuff). Inside we found the *perfect* button for Karl, "There's absolutely no excuse for the way I'm about to BEHAVE!"

Kate's House

Finally we went towards Robin's house... stopping at "Wally World" (Wal-mart) first, to get more film... good thing too, I needed it today. We finally made it to Robin's house.

We walked up to the door and said: "More strangers!" Walked inside, with Robin welcoming us at the door, and joined those that had been there for awhile.

Inside were Kristen (Tyche), Stephanie (Taurasrat), Tamara (Ceallach), Lisa (Surabufix), Julie (of Creation fame!), Paula (AresVixen), and of course, Kate (Robinest). We got there at a good time.. they'd just finished watching some *weird* (and I quote) movie called "Typhon" (apparently it makes DR look normal). Anyway we popped in a tape with "Christmas in the Park"... and a NZ show called "Give me a Clue"

This show is a total riot to watch! Not only to see these people act out really strange titles and phrases but to also try and figure out what the stuff means <g>.

We had a lot of fun watching "GMAC"... we had *no* idea most of the time what these things were... lots of NZ films, and books. There were 2 Smithy shows, 2 Karl Shows, and 1 Jay <sigh> show. Well we got a few *GOOD* questions out of these shows...

One time Karl's team had to get the clue "Under the bridges of Paris". Well the easily got "Under the Bridges of ". But then it came to getting "Paris" *snerk* Well the clue giver, made the eiffel tower... the guys figured it out right away, They knew it was the eiffel tower, and that the tower was in France... they just kept getting the city wrong. "LONDON!" "FRANCE!" "THE EIFFEL TOWER!" This went on for the remainder of their time... I can't remember whether or not they got the clue. So we vowed to ask Karl, "Karl, Give me a clue, Where's the Eiffel Tower located?"

Then during Karl's clue giving he did something, that made us all laugh... tell you later... Anyway we also vowed to have him perform this clue. We were also pondering asking about some Kiwi phrases, "Don't kick a moo cow", and "a bucket of Pig's ears"

After Give me a clue, I remember watching Kev singing "Kungfu Fighting" Twice (which all of us used to torture each other *today*.... especially to Stephanie who was working the Wizards of the Coast table, doing card game demos & Julie who was working the Creation Fan club booth).

We also watched TLW.... all of us Smithsonians quoting right along with it, and making comments, which I cannot remember, or choose not to incriminate myself with <BEG>

Hehehe... I think quite a few of us said a few incriminating things <g>.

Anyway after that we sat around talking for awhile... and just before everyone left Kate's @ 11:30 (or so) we listened to the tape from Burbank... of THE SINGING AMAZONS!!! And making arrangements to get Subway sandwhichs, because there is *NOTHING* around the Radisson food wise (unless of course you consider Costco food).

Sunday, September 20, 1998

I got up... wiped the sleep from my eyes... and was ready to leave when Etana got here at 10:15. We got to the hotel Early, and called Kiari's room, but she never did come down to the lobby. My hair was still wet and Missy was getting ready! <G> Sorry. Anyway we sat around gossiping until Stephanie found us, and "dragged" us along to deliver Julie her sandwhich.

We went back to the lobby (after plunking money down for some photos at the table). But couldn't find anyone... so we wandered around some more.. and eventually found everyone.

We had lunch, but still no sign of Kiari and her friend Missy. I started saying, "Maybe she's just a figment of our imaginations." Sura replied, "Then I must have been talking to myself last night."

Anyway after lunch Etana, Sura, Vixen, and I went to Kiari's room... but they weren't they... so we went into the convention room. I *finally* plunked money down on photos then joined everyone in line.

We were joined tehre by Terry and her sister Lise... Tyche and Taurasrat know them, Must be Iolaus fans (Hey! No sock throwing!) We were standing around generally cracking jokes and making fun of the *bad* advertising for this event, when suddenly Sura went, "There's Valerie."

So being myself, I pronounced, *very* loudly, "LOOK! IT'S VALERIE!!!" That caught her attention, and she and Missy came down to talk to us. They meet us all... and then went back to the car for something (Kiari, do you remember what it was?). Umm, my camera! I had to get my camera! Eventually we got inside, and wandered around spending money (or at least most everyone else did <BEG>)

I myself got *real* interested in the swords for sale, and checked a few of them out. I gave Tyche, who was MUY tense, a shoulder massage, and the sword lady asked if she had one. I refused on the grounds she was wearing chainmail at the time.

Eventually we got inside the Speaking room, and the show began.

Pre-Karl Show

1:35 (or so) we got greeted by Gary, the head Creation Honcho, and watched the Gabby video (Song was "Wind beneath my wings" sung by Bette Midler)

1:40 Sharon Delaney did her usual speal about the upcoming season. I took some long exposure pics of this stuff... so maybe my Hades (he has a new costume!!!) and Ceasar & Pompeii Pics will come out. I am sorry to say that for this being a Karl con, she didn't linger on the Karl images real long.

2:25 Herk season one Blooper reel (I think... am going sorta off the schedule for this).

2:40 Gary got back up and talked to us for awhile... saying how in Cherry Hill every time Kev's face or name was seen/heard the females in the audience went nuts. Well during the "Bad to the Bone" video, we were *NO* exception.

After this was the Trivia part, I stopped paying attention, got a picture of Apollena, Sharon, and some Sacramento lady (never *did* hear her name) try and not be stumped by the people in the audience. I went and talked with Val and Missy... we got some group photos of me and Val, me and Tracie (wearing our WHOOP @$$ shirts), then one of three of us.

I went back into the trader's room, and took a picture of Julie, and one of Stephanie (still am not sure whether she knew or not). Anyway when the triva was over we had the Video to Xena... kinda kewl, can't remember the song... Anyone?

We then had another vid... now I can't remember what is was. Sheesh.. this only happened like seven hours ago... and already it's gone (I'm gonna blame the concussion I have, YEAH that's the ticket!) Anyway then the Four, and four only ppl who were wearing costumes went up on stage to hold products for the Auction.

Terry got a sheet of Wiz of caost HErk cards, and someone else in our group got the Xena, I *think*. Ceallach got a little something ;) and Paula got the Smithy plaque.

Not only did I get the plaque I ended up with two standups, one of Xena and one of Herc and a big fat dilema of how to get them home . Luckily Kate was kind enough to ship them down to me. Now to figure out where to put them. I also won a Xena mug during the trivia contest by answering the question "What were the first words Xena sang in "The Bitter Suite" (answer to follow at the end of the page) :-)

After the auction I left my seat (I was seated on the opposite side of the room from everyone else, which is good... ;) and went to talk to Valerie, Missy, Kristen, and Tamara. We talked a little... then when the videos started again, I just sat there on the floor... and wasn't bothered by "Oberon Group" people (Oberon Group is a local scifi club... Strong ties to the ST:Voyager cast because one of it's members is Tim Russ' mom... so he comes on up for stuff all the time apparently).

We saw the Callisto video "She's a maniac (on the floor)", the Herk video "I'm holding out for a hero", and the Iolaus video... whose song evades me at the moment. "TubThumping" By Chumbawuba Then we watched the Xena season 1 & season 2/3 bloopers tape.. along with a "Tv's Blooper's and Practical Jokes" (with Dick Clark) video, that was taped at Burbank (whichever year Lucy was in stripes).

It was announced that they couldn't find Karl, so Ceallach yelled, "Have you checked the bar?" Gary said, "You think he'd be there?" I then replied, "Yeah! He's Karl!"

>  Karl probably WAS in the bar........ or still asleep <EG>

Could have been...that boy needs a comb!! But his clothing at least matched....except for the blue tennies with yellow stripes

They found him eventually, where they didn't tell us... <BEG> and to pass the time we watched (and I quote again) "The West Coast Premiere of this video!" The Joxer one with "Everything I do (I do it for you)" as the song.

The Karl Show

Finally Karl got on stage and was very entertaining. He came right on stage and said, "Break her legs! That's my favorite line." Then he did his Jim carrey impression of saying that, then I yelled "Bill Shatner!" Which he did... badly. He did some other impressions, Smithy (very nice!) and Elvis... when someone mentioned Burbank this year.

Karl also told the story about why he and Kev went on stage during Danielle's time. "It was *his* fault!" (Talking about Rob Tapert)

Karl wanted to go onstage, don't let him fool ya <G>

He was asked the normal questions, "How'd you get started?" (Told the "No proper clothes on story"), "Difference between Caesar & Cupid"


Some of the questions I remember were:

One thing I remember is Karl talking about the character he played on Amazon High (an as yet unsee pilot) and how it consisted of a lot of moaning and groaning. Now far be it from me to not make a comment about this however I didn't intend for Karl to hear it but I guess I said it a wee bit too loud <g>. I said something about him giving us a few moans. To which he replied in a very deep voice "What's your name little girl?" This was the first time he said that and unlike Kym though , I just clamped my hand over my mouth and refused to say what I was thinking :-)

(Talking about Karl's Feelings towards Cupid and Bliss <Cupid's son>)
First he has to go veggie so he can clear out his system... then he has to work out...

and his child... did nothing but CRY the whole time he was on set....

and he loves the picture of cupid with the perky nipples.... NOT the picture of cupid with the saggy nipples....

Hey I'm only repeating what he said.....
Also Karl feels that Bliss will not be back for any future episodes... because the kid kept crying.

Some Guy near the back: "Do you have a Significant Other?"
Karl: <Very mocking, very Kiwi tone> "A 'Significant Other'? How formal you Americans are. Sure I have a f <cut himself off here>... No not at the moment."

Etana: "I, and people who will remain nameless (she looked pointedly at Sura at this point), was wondering if you could Give Us A Clue... where's the Eiffel Tower Located?"

See!! I try to be generous and show my fellow fans some stuff and what do they do? Turn on me! LOL Not only did she look at me but pointed! Geesh I'm innocent I tell you! <G> If Sura's innocent... I'm a Teddy bear!

Karl: "Hell! France!"

Someone else asked him about Alex's Tattoos... he described them the best he could claiming, "You gotta remember that usually when I see her she's got 'em covered over."

Someone else asked about *his* tattoos, or where he'd get one. "Oh I have one <cocky grin>. Want to see it? <mischevious grin>" Then he went for his shirt buttons... "Just kidding! I don't have one. But if I did? Right here. <pointing to his tricep area of his left arm... I *think* I got a good pic of this.. we'll see when I develop the pics>" Then he stated how'd he probably never get a tattoo, because he HATES bleaching his hair... and can imagine that the pain from tattooing is worse.

Corrine maybe(?) asked him about fans... He mentioned checking the web and finding tons fo hits for his name. I asked "Kim Dull <a few others were yellign KimD at this point> was wondering if you liked her present." He looked blank, "The Mug?"
Karl then smiled. "*This woman is Amazing.* Her name's Kim and she gave me a Caesar's Palace mug. Be sure and tell her that I love it, and I drink from it all the time, it's my favorite."

A lady *near* the back, maybe Apollena (?), asked "Whether he was being stalked." Which sent me into guffaws, LOUD guffaws.
Karl: "Why? <nervous look around> You planning on starting something?!? <Then he proceeded to look around the stage.> Nope, no stalkers here."
Me: "Well we're Americans, never know what we might start." (Hey I WARNED ppl they wouldn't want to sit by me....)

Valerie: "What was it like working with Erik Thomson?"
I can't believe I did this! But I did and very clearly too. Am I *the* Thomsonian or what? <BEG>

Karl: "You get Brownie points! It was great. The director was 'old school'. You *do* know what 'old school' is right?" Crowd answered yes. "Well he was very... <pause> pedantic. Erik and (??? - name escapes me now) would just walkover him, cause they're experts at Julius Caesar. Me? I would kinda go <little kid voice> Yeah, alright. Then I'd do it the director's way, and then suggest *my* way. If he didn't agree then cool, I just did it my way opening night." He grinned all around. Then he looked back at Val. "How'd you know?"
Val: "Erik told me" (??)
Karl: "What's your name?"
Val: "Valerie."
Karl: "Well next time I see Erik, I'll be sure and tell him 'Valerie says hello.' " At which point I LOST IT!?! and Karl came over and looked at me. "What's so funny?"
Me: "Valerie's my friend."
Karl looked at where I was sitting (down in A22) and where Val was sitting (in A7). Then he grinned. "Then why is Valerie sitting down there. And you're sitting down here?"
Me: "We bought our tickets at different times."
Karl: "Right. Next question."

Actually, I think the following went more like:

Karl: "Yeah, Erik's cool."
Val: "Yeah, I *like* him."
Karl, eyebrow raised (?), voice deeper: "And what's your name?"
Karl, still sexy voice: "Valerie. Well, when I see Erik, I'll tell him Valerie sends her regards."
Val: "You do that! He knows me."
Karl: "He does?"

This was when Ped lost it and he sauntered over to her end. <BEG> No Respect! No Respect I tell you!

He went through more questions, and I kept looking at Tyche and giving her a thumbs up, and prompting her. Finally she asked her questions. I moved out of my chair, to get better pictures of this.

Tyche: "I watched this NZ show called 'Give me a clue' with some others, and we were wondering if you could perfrom *your* clue again?"
Karl: "Hell! that was five years ago! I was 19. I don't remember. Tell you what, you come up here and tell me what I did... and I will." Karl and the audience then prompted Kristen to get up there.

Etana dragged her up there, and once Karl moved towards her... promptly left the stage. Being on "the other side" I got a good photo of this... and many others with Tyche visibly shaken telling Karl what he did.

He said: "Tell you what... you give me any clue and I'll do it." She *desperately* wanted to remember Striptease but failed... I would have prompted her .

But then she said "It's Urban Cowboy. You made a motion for a hat, then acted like you were riding a horse, whipping your @$$." (Later she claimed, 'My mouth was open, my mind was closed, anf there was no censor.")

Karl let her leave the stage, and then he put his glasses down on the stage, saying, "I'm about to make a total Dick out of myself... Enjoy it!" Then he started the clue... no one called out, "Oh c'mon! Play!"

Movie signal, Three words. First word, 'The'. Second word, Proper name, "Urban". Third word... cowboy hat, climbed on his horse, whooopped around the stagte, hitting his Butt. "Cowboy". Karl then thanked us all for playing...

This alone was worth the price of admission!! I was laughing so hard! This boy's got some real hip action going, LOL!

He answered some more questions... and I was still sitting on the floor. I laughed hard at the way karl said "Old Town" (because he'd asked for advice on where to go in Sac... in response to a ? about the diff btwn Sac and *his* hometown) and Karl came to stand nearly in front of me, "And what's your name little girl?"

I raised *THE* eyebrow and said, "I'm not little. And I'm *NO* girl!"
Karl then got the most shocked look on his face, and said "And why won't you say?"
Me: "I don't *DO* requests!"
Karl: "I think I'm gonna stay on *this* side of the stage from now on." (meaning the other side from me...)

There were more questions, and I *believe* I was a SMART @$$ again. I snuck forward one more time to get better shots, only this time the "Oberon Group" guy, made me go back to my seat. I said "You move the stairs, I'll quit getting out of my seat."

Karl and the Autograph Line

When the questions were over I got inline just before Valerie and Missy (followed by Kristen and Tamara). I took a pic pf Karl from ni the line... and gave him a bag of "Belly Flops".

"Here. Just a little bit of California Culture for you. Just so you know, you can't get these anywhere but at the factory."
Karl: "You trying to get me fat?"
Me: "Nope. There's a menu so you know what falvors you're eating. The light green ones with speckles are good, they're pear." I handed him my photo and I said, "Kym, K-Y-M"
Karl: "Cool spelling. <started to sign> Oh look. I made your 'K' like I make mine. 'Y'. 'M'. I'll be sure and enjoy the lollies." I grinned at him and went slightly off stage.

Missy came next, and had him sign a pic for Valerie. Karl said, "That's a nice name."
Missy: "That's her name."
Karl: "You're playing the old switcheroo with me!"
Then when Valerie came up she gave him the picture by Beth (which Beth Val?) <Beth from PA. A few of you might know her. :) The portrait was GORGEOUS! He was mightily impressed, I think...> , his jaw dropped, and lots of people in the line strained to see it. "Here are the care instrcutions."
Karl: "Is her address on this?"
Val picked up the box. "Yeah, here's her's and here's mine."
Karl then signed her playing card. "Lean down." Which Val did, then he kissed her Thrice! MAN! Valerie is islander, and *I* could see her Blush! Both Missy and I took pictures of this... hopefully they'll come out. Kristen and Tamara followed Valerie, and nothing *unseemly* happened with them.

Yeah, well, wouldn't you blush if Karl Urban kissed you?! BUT you forgot the key point here. I KISSED HIM BACK! LOL! On the cheek, on the cheek. Although I wouldn't have minded feeling those soft lips on mine. <THUD> And man, KARL SMELLED GOOD! <sigh>

We all compared Personal notes... and decided Kristen's was funny, something about making him do it... and mine was just "Hey baby!"

We talked awhile while waiting for the preferred seaters (we five had gold) got in line... we tooks lots more pics of them while they were waiting... and Tamara and I both took shots as Karl was signing for them.

Kristen or Tamara shot ar Karl, "So where's the Eiffel tower located?"
Karl: "I don't know, SACRAMENTO!"

When Tracie got up there she handed him her gifts, and he commented. "Oh my friends'll get a kick out of the button. Thank you."

After Etana (Tracie) was Sura... <BEG>

LOL! Sura, I've got pics of this I think! And I heard almost everything. <BEG>

NO! (She's not going to spill her guts!) Nope.....Nothing happened...he just signed my pic. And I did try to make him pronounce my screenname again. I think this time it was "Surabuttafix" or some such thing. Otherwise, nothing...nope I was good! I swear, I never even made one remark that could have been misconstrued....I don't think and that's my story and I'm sticking to it <G>

And the Answer is...

We watied around awhile... because Apollena and Corrine (who says, "Hi KimD!") were in general seating. And because we were planning on taking a group shot, maybe with Karl.

Well Tracie and Valerie asked him, and he agreed... I asked him. Tracie was just along for moral support and prompting. <BEG> I think I was definitely in Kiari mode most of the con. So as the line was getting smaller, we ran out and got Julie (from the creation table) and Steph (from the Wiz of the coast table) and took the picture. The Oberon guys tried something... but then Julie in her most authoritative voice said, "Okay hop up on stage ladies."

When we had hopped on the stage, he said, "Do you want me to go down there?" I'll let the gutter minded folks figure that one out. <BEG>

We suggested Karl lay across us <BEG>, but instead he stood "in front of" Paula... I'll let her give *her* smart @$$ comment. Now would I really make a smarta$$ comment about having Karl between my legs <eg>?? No, not me! I'm innocent :-) But that was probably more comfortably for him than having my knee in his butt which is where it landed at first, LOL!
And I was sitting next to Paula, so I got to put my face near his. And there it was again, that intoxicating cologne. Just what was he wearing?! (And why did you all laugh when I wondered about that? <BG>)

We took some pictures, and Missy took a few... Valerie's camera wasn't flashing, and she called "It didn't flash Missy!"

Karl: "What's her name?"
Me and Val: "Missy."
Karl: "Cool name. Yeah Missy! IT didn't flash!"

We took another photo, the camera Missy was using *still* didn't flash. "Still didn't Flash *MIS*-sy!" (I think he enjoyed sayiong her name too much).

LOL! And she loved it! She's not a regular Herc/Xena viewer, so most of this was new to her. But she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Mostly because of Karl. She agrees that he's a doll. <G>

Final Comments

I think Karl had as much fun as we did :) I hope others get their pics developed before me cuz the group shot is on the beginning of the roll...and I don't want to waste 20 shots on my cat LOL

We took one more, everyone thanked Karl... and we walked outside the convention hall... debating dinner. That didn't happen, with two people needing to catch planes, and five driving back to the bay area... so we all went our seperate ways.

Again, I just wanted to say I blast with everyone! Thanks for letting me play with you guys for the weekend and I'll be looking forward to see everyone in Santa Monica!

Trivia answer: "You're acting so strangely that I hardly know ya but still I wouldn't trust ya as far as I could throw ya."

And I will say that for the most part... Sura did behave her self very well.....she let those perky nipple comments pass with only stifled comments... of course she almost burst a few times.... <g>

That's it. Please forgive any oversights, mistypings, or general confusion... It's late... I'd like to thank my fellow attendees for elaborating on this... and filling in some of my memory holes, and adding their own opinions.

"Are you trying to make me FAT?!?" - Karl Urban, to me

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