Psyche's Representative

Part VIII - Crossed Wyres

Still acting like a Game Show Host Ped replied. "Grand Idea Athena... On the count of Three..."

Ares looked between the two women, not sure what they were up to. Athena had always been tought for him to read, and ever since her *little* trip last fall, Ped had been more of a mystery to him than even Kiari. "What are you two doing?!?"

"Wait and see... Little Brother..." Then with a smirk at Ped, Athena began the countdown, in Ancient Syreenian. "Seek-ta.."

Ped continued it. "Chi-mo."

And together they said, "Geek-CO!" Then Ares disappears in a flash of light. Athena looked at Ped. Ped looked at Athena, then raised raised her eyebrows as a grin spread across her face.

"So do you think he'll find his way out anytime soon?"

"Not if my family has anything to say about it, he won't."

"You really think your children would do something to your current patron God?"

"Yes! Full-bloods have a distaste for the likes of Olympians... you should know that by now."

"But you don't."

"That's cause I can remember before the time of the Olympians, even before those of Avalon... or so Elia keeps telling me."

"How is your spirit guide tonight?"

Elia drifts slightly out of the locket and says, <<I am satisfied with her progress Athena, but she still has a long way to go.>>

<<Yes, but will she be ready in time?>>

"HELLO! I'm right *here*! Quit talking like I'm not!"

"Sorry Ped... you know how we get sometimes."

"Yes Athena I do... But we need to get back to the business of the reflecting pool..."


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