Karl Urban Acronyms

I recently went... "Hey! Those of us who are Urbanites DESERVE just as much stuff as those of us who are SMITHSONIANS! Why don't I get off my butt and make an acronym list for Urbanites..." So here it is, as complete as I can make it.

Episodes as Cupid

Episode Abbreviation
Xena Epsiodes
For Him The Bell Tolls FTHBT
Comedy Of Eros COE
Herk Episodes
Green-Eyed Monster GEM

Episodes as Ceasar, Julius Ceasar

Episode Abbreviation
Destiny None
The Deliverer TD
Bitter Suite BSuite or BS or Suite
When In Rome WIR
Render Unto Ceasar RUC
A Good Day AGD

Episodes as Mael

Episode Abbreviation
Altared States AS

Got anything else that you think I should have? Well write me at theped@hotmail.com and let me know what it is...

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